What areas do you service for K-9 Waste Removal?

We service the Lincoln, Waverly, Hickman and Eagle areas for K-9 Waste Removal.

How often do you come out?

This depends if you have asked us to come out on a weekly, bi-weekly or twice per week schedule.  We do our very best to be in your yard scooping at the same time each week.  That way even if you are not home during the day, you will know about when we were there.   However the time may vary as you refer friends, family and neighbors to us for service, and business “Picks-Up”.  To help ensure you know we were there bags with dog treats will be left on your door as sign we were out!

How often will we receive a bill?

We bill in advance for waste removal and in arrears for all other services.  Invoices go out at the end of each month.


Payment due date is the 15th of every month.  Payments received AFTER the 30th, will be assessed a $5.00 late fee.  If we do not hear anything from you by the end of that week the unfortunate alternative is collections, where neither of us wins.  There is a $40.00 fee on all returned checks.

Do you have a K-9 Waste Removal referral bonus program?

If you like the job we’ve done please feel free to tell a neighbor or co-worker, or family and friends.  If they sign up for service and say you told them about Grasshopper you will give $15 off of your next invoice!  It’s our way to say ‘Thank You’.  We love giving away discounts  for referrals, it means we are doing our job very well!

What about bad weather?

We are not afraid of a little rain.  If there’s a light rain, we will be there.  If there are severe storms coming we may have to wait until the storm passes, or for the next business day. That same bravery that we use to get us out there in the rain enables us to work right through the winter months, (unless we encounter snowfall that puts a blanket of snow covering over what we come to collect).  Should that happen, we’ll postpone pick up until the following week when we can efficiently and effectively clean your entire yard.  If this causes us to miss a week or more, please understand that for as long as you own your dog(s) the quantity and quality of pick up will be the same, therefore a price adjustment in these cases is not made.   ***Please remember that if you have a gate and it freezes shut, or the snow drifts are too high or thick we will make an attempt to enter your yard, but if frozen shut we cannot and you will be billed as normal.  We do not want to be responsible for breaking your fence.  So, we will keep coming back on the cleaning day until we can get in and then catch up on waste that has been sitting there.

Do you pick up during fall/leaf season?

During the fall leaf season we do our best to find the dog waste.  If the waste is on top of the leaves or visible enough to see the waste, we will clean it up.  Once the leaves are completely removed from the lawn we will catch up on the waste at that time.

What happens if we go on vacation?

If your dog(s) went along on your family vacation, or you have them boarded, the time away will be credited to you on your next billing or deducted off your current invoice as long as you let us know PRIOR to your vacation occurring.  If we come to pick up and you are on vacation and let us know after the fact we can’t credit your invoice due to our time and fuel driving to you location.

What happens when “Grasshopper” goes on vacation?

When we get a chance, we like to go on vacation too.  And normally our vacations are taken during the winter months when there is snow on the ground anyway.  We attempt to make arrangements ahead of time so your service is uninterrupted, however this doesn’t always happen.  So, what we ask is that you just leave your waste down an extra week and we will catch up the following week.  If this would happen we will try to let you know prior to our going on vacation via a note in with your previous month’s bill but this would be a very rare occurrence.

What if my clean up day falls on a holiday?

If your cleaning day falls on an a holiday – New Years Day,  Memorial Day,  Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. You will be skipped until the following cleaning day at which time we will clean up two weeks worth of waste. Many times we can plan ahead and get things picked up a day or 2 prior to the holiday, whenever possible we will do this for you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

NO!.  Grasshopper will never ask you to sign a contract for K-9 Waste Removal services.  If for some reason you do cancel your service, we ask only that you give us the kind of notice you would expect if you were in our place.

What if we keep our gate locked?

You must remember to unlock your gate on your pick-up day.  You can rest assured your gate will be securely locked when we leave. Many customers give us a key or a combination to their locks in order for us to perform our services as we need to.

Can we leave our dog(s) out in the yard during cleanings?

Yes, if however, your dog for some reason takes a disliking to your friendly scooper, he/she/they may be more comfortable waiting inside until we have finished.  If your dog has a history of nipping or possibly biting strangers we ask that your dog(s) be in the house or in a kennel during the days of your service.  This helps protect us as well as the dog owners in the unfortunate event of an attack.


We are not responsible for waste that may be under debris, water, toys, yard furniture, leaves, storage sheds, etc.

If your lawn is not mowed regularly it makes it difficult for us to find the waste and even scoop it up properly, so please keep your lawn mowed.  We are not responsible for waste found after you mow your yard if you haven’t kept up with its cutting.


What areas do you service for lawn care needs?

We service the Lincoln, NE area only for lawn care needs.  Mowing, Fertilization, Aerating, Spring/Falls Cleanups, De-Thatching, Snow Removal, etc.

Will my lawn be mowed on the same day each week?

We try to mow your lawn on the same day each week so you know when to expect us there and it better enables you to schedule your sprinkler systems to not go off on days we are scheduled to mow.  However as we continue to grow your day of service may be changed, when possible we will let you know prior to moving your day of service.

What about bad weather and rain?

Some days we can’t mow due to inclimate weather.  In these cases we will postpone your mowing until the weather clears.  Unfortunately this does sometimes set us back by a day but we will do everything we can to get your lawn mowed as soon as possible after the weather has passed.  So even though it may not have rained on your day of service please take into consideration we could potentially be behind from a storm the previous day or 2 but rest assured we will be at your property as soon as possible!

What about fall/leaf cleanup season?

Depending upon the neighborhood you live in you may have a large tree(s) that drops its leaves during the fall.  When this happens there may be an extra charge for the leaf clean up if you want the leaves removed.  This rate varies depending upon the amount of leaves to pick up.  The rate may also be extended over several mowing periods if you have multiple trees and they drop their leaves for several weeks.  This extra charge helps us cover our time and expenses for extra drops at the landfill.  The amount can vary from lawn to lawn and we will make you aware of any extra charges prior to doing any work on your property.

What if my mowing day falls on a holiday?

We will skip your lawn if its regular day of service falls on a holiday but we will be on site the either the day prior or the following day to begin catching up.  Keep in mind that just because your day of service may not fall on a holiday but fall does fall on a weekday your day of service may be affected as well.

If we have dogs can we leave them out in the yard during the mowings?

We prefer your dog either be in a kennel or indoors during your mowing day.  This helps us keep your dog and our mowers safe during the mowing.

What happens if a sprinkler head is damaged?

Grasshopper is not responsible for damaged sprinkler heads or replacing sprinkler heads or paying to have them replace.  The reason for this is simple, sometimes sprinkler heads don’t go all the way down when they are done and get hung up in the grass surrounding them.  Many times we can’t see some of these heads while we are mowing because they are concealed by the surrounding grass.  We never intend to damage sprinkler heads and we apologize if this would happen to you.  We can replace damaged sprinkler heads if you so desire.  If we notice we did damage a head we will replace it at our cost but only when we are sure the damage was caused by us.

How do we pay Grasshopper?

We bill monthly in arrears for all mowing and fertilizing services and invoices will be mailed out at the end of each month.  You can pay by check, cash, credit card or we can set you up with an automated monthly ACH payment.


Payment due date is the 15th of every month.  Payments received AFTER the 30th, will be assessed a $10.00 late fee.  If I do not hear anything from you by the end of that week the unfortunate alternative is collections, where neither of us wins.  There is a $40.00 fee on all returned checks.