Mowing Services

Your package includes mowing of the grass weekly, or approximately 28 times per season. (except when weather conditions do not permit and in the tapering on/off periods during spring and fall). If the weather stays warm late into the season we will continue mowing until the turf is done growing. In addition if you have trees we will continue to come to your property for leaf removal until the majority of leaves have fallen for the fall season.

We provide weekly, bi-weekly, vacation and one time mowing.

When our lawn care specialist mows your lawn, we also:

  • Pick up trash from grounds.
  • Pick up and haul away grass clippings and/or mulching grass clippings. (Mulching is recommended at least a few times per year if not year round.)
  • Trim grass around trees, shrubs, fences, buildings and other objects each mowing.
  • Blow off driveways and sidewalks when finished.