Snow Removal

We provide residential snow removal on a limited basis to limited areas based on a (as soon as we can get to you basis). We follow a scheduled route to reach all our customers so we cannot always promise an early morning arrival.

Pricing PER VISIT is as follows

(includes walks and front porches and steps):
Single wide driveway – $40
Double wide driveway – $45
Triple wide driveway or 3 car garage – $50
Corner lots – $10 extra
Heavy snows of 6″ or more or snowfalls with extreme drifting – $15-$25 extra

Returning to redo what city piles back in front of driveways after we have cleaned – $20 extra.

(NOTE: Customers leaving newspapers, extension cords or Christmas lights under the snow that get caught in the blower are charged a labor rate of $75/hour for the time to unclog the blower!)