Lawn Care Services

We offer lawn care services to residential, HOA, and commercial properties in Lincoln, NE only at this time.  There are no contracts to sign unless the services are for an HOA or commercial property.

Mowing – Your package includes mowing of the grass weekly, or approximately 28 times per season. (except when weather conditions do not permit and in the tapering on/off periods during spring and fall). If the weather stays warm late into the season we will continue mowing until the turf is done growing. Read More

Fertilization and Weed Control – Our 6 step fertilization program is specially formulated to meet the needs of lawns in Lincoln, NE. We use only the highest grade fertilizers available to provide the nutrients your grass needs to stay healthy and keep weeds under control by spot spraying every visit. Read More

Aerating – With an aeration you help nutrients and water get down into the root system which also helps relieve stress on heavy thatch lawns. Over-seeding helps strengthen lawns and introduce new and stronger grasses. Read More

Fall/Spring Cleanup – We provide raking of leaves, cleaning of flower beds and most miscellaneous yard work. Hedge trimming is also available. Read More

Snow Removal (Lincoln, NE ONLY)- We provide residential snow removal on a limited basis to limited areas based on a (as soon as we can get to you basis). We follow a scheduled route to reach all our customers so we cannot always promise an early morning arrival. Read More